On the pedestrian street of Angelou Metaxa in Pasalimani, Belle Amie, the magnificent neoclassical building, is the best destination for a quality and food tasting journey.

Along with the sea breeze from Marina Zea, you can enjoy beautiful moments, and interesting food pairings in the most beautiful green and blooming courtyard in the heart of Piraeus.


Did the singer Grigoris Bithikotsis ever imagine, when in 1969 he sang through a 45 rpm disc the song “Stou Belle amie to ouzerie”, that almost five decades later, this famous ‘’ouzerie’’ named ‘’Belle Amie’’, which had opened on the ground floor of an impressive neoclassical building in the heart of Piraeus, would reopen in 2013 under the same name “Belle Amie”?

The ‘’ouzerie’’ of the song first opened in the late 60s, while on the ground floor of the building was also hosted the hotel “Crete”. The owner was a former sailor, who – according to urban legend – gave that name to his business, after hearing the French phrase ‘’belle amie’’ from the girls in the port of Marseilles, where he disembarked during his travels.

In 2013 two persons with vision, the entrepreneur Dimitris Panagopoulos and the Interior Architect Kosmas Karavas, took the initiative to revive the space loaded with so many memories and turn it into a gem for the pedestrian street of Angelou Metaxa and the entire Pasalimani. The two-level interior of the all-day Bar-Restaurant shapes its atmospheric and cosmopolitan identity through seemingly disparate furniture and objects, which in a unique way blend together creating an atmosphere of luxury and relaxed mood.


Belle Amie offers an absolute pleasant experience of food tasting and aesthetic enjoyment in the heart of Piraeus, with a menu that stands out with the creative culinary suggestions that satisfy even the most demanding palates.

Chef Christos Koliagiannis and his team, created an inventive culinary destination based on the Greek creative traditional cuisine, which is composed of authentic raw materials from local PDO products and small local producers.

In the Belle Amie menu, based on the Greek tradition with a modern twist, you will discover special dishes either as a main meal or to share with your friends, along with fine labels of wines and spirits. The menu is complemented by delicious brunch suggestions, which has been established as our favorite daily tasting habit.


Belle Amie is like a canvas that has been designed with attention to detail. The intense neoclassical elements of the two-storey building are enhanced by influences from Berlin bars, offering a traveler’s sensation to the visitors. The retro-maximalist design takes us back in time from the bistrot of Paris to the Berlin cabarets of the interwar period. Belle Amie is a crossroads between yesterday and today. Handmade carpets, antiques that have been chosen with nostalgia for the past, chandeliers, black marble columns, portraits of people who served the arts in imposing frames on deep green painted walls, golden fringes compose a dreamy setting of unparalleled aesthetics.

BELLE AMIE is open daily, from Monday to Sunday 09:00 - 02:30

Αngelou Metaxa 11, Piraeus 18534